Our Supply Partners

Our Supply Principles

For the products and produce distributed by Délidoor we believe in some key principles quality, short circuits, sustainability, seasons and animal welfare.

For the products we cannot manufacture themselves, we partnered with a group of talented artisans who share the same values as us.

We know yo will enjoy the result of their craft.

Jacques & Mathieu

Délidoor founders

Get to know who we work with

Meat : Chris and the team at Origin Meat

To supply you with the best meat we teamed up with Chris from Origin Meat, Chris started Origin Meat with the intention of only offering the very best meat Australasia can offer. No short cuts, no quick fixes. Just uncompromised quality.

It has taken years to build the rapport Chris has with his farmers and we hope that we deliver that quality right through from pasture to plate.

Our grasslands beef is pasture fed, hormone and antibiotic free and grassland certified .

Our free range chickens are from Hazeldenes poultry, who have been farming for over two decades under FREPA accreditation. Their birds have the ability to forage naturally and instinctively amongst grasses, weeds, bushes and trees in a secure environment.

Our all natural, prime lamb from Sovereign, is raised in the pristine Goldfields region of Victoria, Australia.

Our pork is free range from local farms.

Bread : Adrien From Tonton bread

Adrien is the owner and head baker at Tonton bread a specialty bread artisan. Adrien has learned his craft for years with some of the best Artisan Baker in France including Frederic Lalos (awarded MOF : Best French Artisan in 1997 ) , Adrien is now using his skills here in Australia producing the best bread possible using traditional techniques and only locally sourced ingredients.

Long fermentation is part of Tonton bread artisanal process, it enhances flavours, the quality of crust and the texture of the crumb. All the bread sold on Délidoor needs at least 30hrs to be produced.

Fruit and vegetables : Frank

Frank is a legend within the Flemington produce market community and one of the best Fruit and Veg buyer in the city having learned the trade with his father.

Franck has been working with Mathieu for years sourcing fruit and vegetables for the Délisse stores. Today Frank has the critical mission to source the fruits and vegetables you buy on the platform or the ones used to make our delicious Délidoor meals.