Quiches And Light Lunch

August 22, 2021
Quiches And Light Lunch - Délidoor
Jacques Lepron

Jacques Lepron

Delidoor Co-Founder

Quiches offer both a satisfying and healthy lunch alternative, especially when they are diffused with vegetables. Taking a quiche instead of a sandwich for lunch is a great way to get some extra vegetables into your diet.

Quiche Healthy Food Guide

Whether you are healthy, have special diet considerations, or want to lose weight, there is quiche for everyone. Quiches generally contain a high percentage of vegetables and less meat than other dishes. This makes quiche an ideal dish if you want to eat healthier foods and enjoy a satisfying meal.

For quiches that are lower in calories, quiche cooks recommend removing the quiche top crust and eating the quiche as an omelet. This provides a healthier alternative and an equally satisfying taste without the added fats.

Additionally, since quiches also contain eggs, they are very filling dishes, making quiches an excellent alternative for people who need to lose weight. You can make a quiche last for more than one meal by dividing it into individual servings and then heating it at work or school later on in the day.

Any quiche without meat (vegetarian quiches) comes with cheese, vegetables, and quiche mix. These quiches are sold in supermarkets or quiche shops throughout Australia, where quiches come in mini or family sizes. They are also sold as slices that you can heat at home. 

When choosing quiche with vegetables, make sure to select quiches that don't contain too much fat or cheese, so you get the healthiest quiche for your diet.

Quiches are very versatile and can be adapted to suit most diets. Some are made with soy products, and quiches can also be made gluten-free. Quiche is baked and then frozen to preserve freshness and taste.

Where To Buy Fresh Quiche In Australia

The quiche is widely available, especially in specialty quiche shops throughout Australia. These quiches usually have a selection of quiches for sale at reasonable prices. They tend to be

Healthy Quiche Home Delivery

If you prefer quiche as a light lunch but don't have the time or energy to prepare quiche at home, quiche delivery services can deliver quiche directly to your door.

Quiches are healthy meals, and quiche delivery services offer many quiche choices that are low in fat and high in vegetables. So for those who want a satisfying lunch without worrying about picking up unhealthy takeaways, quiche delivery services are ideal.

They deliver quiches in mini sizes (ideal for one person), quiche slices, or whole quiches you can microwave at work. Many quiche delivery services also offer quiche variety boxes, so customers can order a selection of different types of quiche to try out and enjoy.

Where to Buy Fresh Quiche in Australia

You can buy quiches from quiche shops in Australia. These quiches are usually delivered fresh to your door regularly. Below is a list of some popular quiche shops where families get quiche home delivery in major cities across Australia.

Aussie Quiche Home Delivery in Sydney

Aussie Quiche Home Delivery in Melbourne

Aussie Quiche Home Delivery in Brisbane

Aussie Quiche Home Delivery in Perth

Aussie Quiche Home Delivery in Adelaide

Aussie Quiche Home Delivery in Canberra

You can also check quiche shops near you to see quiches available for home delivery. Quiches are one of the many things that we offer for healthy quiche home delivery. Our recipes include:

Chorizo Quiche

Offers a spicy twist on a traditional quiche.

Salmon Quiche

Packed with flavours, our fresh smoked salmon quiche will impress guests for impromptu entertainment or a special occasion.

Quiche Lorraine Family Size

This is a timeless French classic filled with savoury custard and pieces of cheese and includes lardons or bacon.

Pumpkin Quiche Family Size

Roasted pumpkin combines basil and red capsicum to provide the perfect flavor for a light autumn lunch or dinner. Pepitas add a finishing touch with their crunchy texture.

Combine our quiches with a salad and/or some fruit to enjoy a light and healthy lunch or dinner. All of our products come frozen and require a 24-hour defrost time before you can cook them. See the easy-to-follow cooking instructions on each page and print them out when you are ready to eat.

Our Healthy Quiche Home Delivery Range

We offer home delivery from the South Coast to Newcastle area, including Sydney, Wollongong, and the Blue Mountains. In addition, we deliver quiches to most suburbs in Sydney, Newcastle, and Wollongong, including Manly Vale, North Newtown, Campsie, Glebe, Zetland, and more. Call us on 1800 344 000 or email Hello@delidoor.com.au for further information about quiches delivered to your door!