Our mission:

Creating delicious food to give you back time to enjoy meal time moments with your family

We all strive to connect more with our family and friends. In the fast paced world we live in, we end up juggling the pressure of work, life and family. As a result, the opportunity to slow down, enjoy meal times and connect is missing.

We founded Délidoor to change that. Our mission is simple: Transforming meal times  to give you the time to have those conversations that matter the most.

It started with a simple observation:

"Meal times have become a chore in the fast paced world we live. As parents we are constantly juggling the pressure of work, life and family. As such the opportunity to slow down, enjoy meal times and connect is missing"

Jacques and Mathieu, co-founder of Delidoor

Délidoor co-founders Jacques (left) and Mathieu (right)

We are two dads who have come together with a mission to transform meal times. We see ourselves as your enabler; by providing delicious meals for the whole family, to give you back the time to have those conversations that matter most.

 We remembered, from our youth when mealtime was the special moment of the day because we would connect with the family and friends around the table . We simply enjoyed the company and sharing stories. Great food was always served and was playing a key element to it. At the end of the meal it was just empty plates and plenty of smiles on everyone face.

Our food philosophy is simple. We are constantly reimagining new ways of doing things and transforming the ordinary. We source the best produce and get the basics right – from seasoning to making our own sauces to the perfect pairing of ingredients and flavours . The layering of the meals sets us apart, with no shortcuts taken.

We believe every meal time moment is there to be enjoyed.

Imagine with Délidoor those meal times sorted so you can connect.

Our Food Philosophy

We love good & clean food and we are committed to making it the right way.
From the ingredients we source to the people we serve, we thrive to do right by our customers, our suppliers and the environment.

Jacques and Mathieu, co-founder of Delidoor

Real ingredients

We source daily our fresh veggies, meat and fish from farms and local distributors around Sydney, so every bite of your food is full of flavour and fresh. We do not use artificial ingredients, preservatives, and other nasties as we freeze the food to preserve its nutritional value and freshness.


Real home style cooking, with real ingredients means high quality meals for everyone. At Délidoor, we are all motivated by one goal: preparing and delivering delicious and clean meals to your home table, so we are not adding sugar, preservatives, and other nasties.

A hand holding some soil and a sprout

Positive Environmental Impact

We must reduce the impact of food on the environment. Délidoor is committed to lead by example and support our customers in their journey toward zero carbon emissions.

What are we doing?
1/ We source from sustainable suppliers
2/ We are reducing the use of plastic packaging made from fossil fuel,
3/ We are freezing food to reduce food waste.

Why Frozen?

We believe frozen food can be tremendously beneficial for our environment, our bodies and our lives. Here's why:

Delidoor frozen food preserves nutrients

Preserves nutrients

Often frozen food has the same or a higher nutritional value compared to fresh food. Fresh produce continuously loose vitamins and key nutrients once it is refrigerated, whereas freezing locks in the nutrients, and it removes the need for preservatives, making the food cleaner.

Delidoor frozen food reduces food waste

Reduces food waste

One third of the food produced goes to waste every year. The greenhouse gas emissions associated with this represents about 11% of the total emissions. One of the main reasons is the perishable nature of fresh food. Frozen helps reduce waste by extending shelf life.

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