Why Frozen?

We cook your meals in our central kitchen in Stanmore using real and high quality ingredients sourced by our buyer Frank at the Flemington market and from our local producers.

Listen to Mathieu below explaining why we freeze our products.


 Once cooked, we freeze them straight away in a vacuum seal pouched because

  1. this is the most hygienic and safest way to store cooked food, 
  2. it allows to keep their delicious flavour and nutrients, and
  3. it avoids using any other preservatives or nasty additives.

We took the decision to freeze our delicious prepared meals where relevant. It helps us with:

  • keeping the price reasonable without having to compromise on the ingredients quality as we are able to produce bigger batches in our kitchen
  • offering you more flexibility and shelf life in your busy life
  • reducing your household food waste
  • offering you a wider range of products so there is always something new to try each week.

Most sides, veggies, and salads are made fresh the day before delivery.

A lot of our food can be cooked straight from frozen. Others are better defrosted first – that info will always be on the website and on the label. 

The important thing is then to finish the reheating or cooking process within 2 hours and always heat food to a safe, piping hot 70C.

Enjoy your food!