Why Frozen?

 At Délidoor, we love frozen food.  

Of course, not all frozen food is created equal and we recognise this. We are not talking about the unheathly, unsastifying and filled with preservatives frozen food you can find on the market today. When was the last time you really enjoyed and felt good about eating a frozen meal?

When we launched Délidoor, we did some research and found that it shouldn’t be that way. Indeed, frozen food as we contemplating it, can be high quality, tremendously tasty and good, and beneficial for our bodies, our lives and the environment. That’s because it is not about the frozen process but what you put in the food and how you cook it.

So what are the benefits of frozen food?

  1. Frozen food reduces waste.

    Between 30 to 40% of the food produced goes to waste. On top of the obvioud financial impact on your wallet when you have to bin food at home, food waste has an environmental impact too. Most of the time food waste ends up in landfills and emits methane, a gas contributing to climate change. Because of its long shelf life, frozen food can be consumed when it is necessary as opposed to fresh food that needs to be eaten within a few days.

  2. Frozen food is nutritious.

    Well at Délidoor it is, and that's simply because of what we put in the food. We use only real and high quality ingredients. We don't use processed sauces because we make them from scratch. There aren't any preservatives because this is the whole point of freezing the food, ie extending the shelf life without using artificial non natural elements that are required to "preserve" the self life of non frozen meals. The frozen process doesn't damage the food but locks in the taste, flavours and nutritional value of your food. So a frozen meals made from real ingredients like ours will provide more nutrients that a fresh meals that has already spent 5 days in your fridge.

  3. Frozen food is healthy.

    Yes it is healthy, and once again, you can't compare all the frozen food here. What is really important is to understand what makes your food, where it is coming from and how it has been cooked (or processed for the more industrial food you can find on the market). Our meals at Délidoor are made using only real ingredients, no preservatives or additives. Your body will thank you for that. 

  4. Frozen food is convenient. 

    Who hasn't thrown away fresh food from their fridge because it was off? Who hasn't had to rush to eat those 5 "fresh" ready meals they bought because they would no longer be good after a few days in your fridge.. Well, with frozen food, you don't need to do that. You take your meals out of the freezer when you need it and within minutes your meal will be ready. 

How do we cook frozen food?

Well, like "normal" food except we freeze it at the end. However there is one secret! We use real ingredients, make everything from scratch and don't use preservatives, additives and other nasties. That's why our frozen food is really amazing.

Our Executive Chef Sebastien and his team of Chefs prepare and cook the food like you would do at home. The only difference is that we use bigger equipment as we make food by batch. We have big ovens, bigger pans and pots to cook those Beef Bourguignon or those quiches batches.

We cut, slice, peel, chop, dice, mince, chiffonade, batonnet, tournée like you would do at home We make our "secret" sauces from scratch and season each batch.

Once the food is cooked, we then cool it down very quickly to 4 / 5 degrees then pack it, vacuum seal it, label it and freeze it. We cool down the meal very quickly so we minimise the time the food stays between 60 degrees and 5 degrees to ensure the highest standard in food safety.


A lot of our food can be cooked straight from frozen. Others are better defrosted first – that info will always be on the website and on the label. 

The important thing is then to finish the reheating or cooking process within 2 hours and always heat food to a safe, piping hot 70C.

At Délidoor, we've realised about the benefits of frozen food and how it supports our mission for families to take that time back to connect during meal times.

Enjoy your food!