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Tomato Fetta Quiche
Virginia St H

Really enjoyed the flavour and sweetness of this quiche!

Stupidly delicious

This is how my Canadian son in law described this lasagne when I served it up to him. He said that if it was in a restaurant he’d be back at least once week to order it. He’s still raving about it. I wouldn’t know what it tasted like. There was none left!!!


Loved the pumpkin quiche - we've had others and this was great too 😀

Love a good papardelle!

I was preparing my new meal but for my own twist I added diced tomatoes and oregano. I know this is probably not the original but I enjoyed it. And added parmesan of course. Love this super filling dish!

Amazing experience and delicious!

The Fishburners team was stoked with our experience with Delidoor. Will definitely use again soon :)


This was tasty and the sauce excellent. I personally think 4-5 minutes cooking time is too long, but like my meat rare. For me 2-3 minutes is plenty. Certainly add flavour that the meat is marinated.

Fantastic - would purchase again

This ham was excellent. I had family members eating the ham who don’t even like ham usually! That’s how great it was. I thought I’d have plenty left overs but because of how delicious it was everyone took some home with them (even the ones who never eat ham usually). Fantastic. All my family members had asked for a link to your website from the great quality.

Beautiful salmon meal

This was just a wonderful piece of salmon with wonderful seasoning. Was very easy to cook. Would definitely order this again.

very nice veggies

very tasty and very nice with the turkey, was eaten very quickly!

Very tasty

Another big success! we didn't managed to re-heat as well as we wished just because we didn't check the instructions online in time.
I wrote to the team and mentioned that cooking instructions would be more useful if given in paper at the same time of the food - and they are going to change it - will me much easier than checking online.

Very tasty and quick to cook

I loved it, easy and quick to prepare - I just wished I ordered more as my guests asked for more! even kids loved it (and asked for more too)

Everybody loved it!

Absolutely delicious - received compliments from all my guests on this dish!

Christmas Ham

Wonderful glaze, very tasty ham, not dried out at all and it tasted amazing. By far the best one I’ve had in Sydney.

A Tasty Favourite

This is a very tasty dish and the serving is generous. One of my favourite’s in the Delidoor menu


This is the third time I’ve ordered this dish .. need i say more? It’s delicious

Had this dish for the first time last night - a yummy addition to our selection.

This dish is always in our freezer - luv it!

Our favourite! Close your eyes and you could be in France from the first mouthful!!!


Generous portions of tender chicken pieces in a delicious sauce. I added leftover baked vegetables, made cous cous & a salad whilst reheating the meal. It would have fed 3 easily.

Great Side Dish

Potatoes were delicious! Good seasoning, texture and flavour. Complimented the xmas spreads well.

Another PERFECT dish!

It really doesn't get any better than this! PERFECT and thanks for a marvelous eating experience!


I don't know how you do it, but you have sent us a perfect fish soup:) Can't think of anything else you could do to improve it, it's already there!


Perfect is the only word that describes this fondant! THANKS!

To die for

A superb mouse, velvety real chocolate taste with bitterness of raspberries so rich and yummy. Will keep ordering.

Moist and beautiful fresh and tasty turkey roll

A beautiful tasting turkey, with stuffing full of chestnuts and cranberries, tasted superb, would like more cranberries. Gravy was superb nicest gravy for a long time. Please also give instructions fan force oven. Needed 170 degrees fan forced, Will continue to buy.