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Discovery Pack

I bought it for my parents, they loved it. Thank you.

We have tried the lasagna and Beef Bourguignon and enjoyed both. But if the Beef Bourguignon there was allot of sauce and only enough meat to feed my husband and grown son. Looking forward to trying the quiche


Lovely when served warm. Coulis was beautiful and not too sweet. Great for gluten free.

Spinach Quiche

Full of flavour. Easy to heat.

Saturday night - soup night!

Winter in Melbourne - football and yummy soup with garlic bread - happy times.

Wonderful flavours

This was truly superb!!

Now my favourite soup

Flavour packed, this soup delivers a satisfying serve of deliciousness.

Melting moutfuls

Delicious melting mouthfuls with fab cheesy topping. I had it as a side, but it could easily have been a meal on its own.

Fish Soup

We enjoyed this dish. The flavour was great. Only one criticism and that is that one of the mussels failed to open. We would definitely order this again.

Butter Chicken

We rate this dish very highly.It is full of flavour, not too spicy and generous serves. We would definitely order this again.

Duck Confit

The duck legs were very nice but there is too much potato. We would order it again.

Chicken provencal

Was very good

A wicked indulgence

Love their garlic bread and it's addictive. Would eat it every day if I could.

Mushroom soup - yum

One of my favourites. You could really tell this was made with fresh mushrooms


Love their soup. Such a treat with the garlic bread

Big success with whole family

Everyone enjoyed this, even my fussiest eater

Aboriginal Paperbark Barra

This dish was sublime, loved how the paperbark enhanced the integrity of the fish. The pops of finger lime were amazing. Def a very special occasion dish

Rich in flavour

Delicious flavours - will definitely order again.

Superb pastry

Very light and crisp pastry with creamy filling - will order again :)

Perfect side

I so appreciate a healthy, vegetable-rich side to save time and add interest to fish or meat. Good on Delidoor for incorporating indigenous ingredients

Healthy meat presented in a very appetising recipe

I'm not a fan of plain kangaroo meat but this dish enhances the flavour with well-chosen indigenous and traditional Western ingredients. Congratulations to the Delidoor team for featuring Aunty Betty's knowledge, to our benefit

Just the right amount of spiciness

Perfect for family members who are not great fans of very hot food. Combines perfectly with other Indian dishes on offer. Round out with some yogurt, mango chutney, coconut and sliced banana. What a feast!

A great standby

This soup is great to have on hand for cold day lunches or to beef up one's veggie intake as part of a main meal. Really rich flavour

A unique new flavour

We really enjoyed these meatballs, which were especially delicious combined with the sour/sweet taste of the bush tomato chutney


I am not usually a fan of lamb shanks, but this meal has converted me