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Great food and convienient

Probably my favourite Delidoor meal. The spinach and feta filling is very tasty, and the filo pastry is divine

A lovely potato side. Very generous servings

A lovely quiche, another of my regular orders

Makes a tasty, might meal

I have this on regular order. I think it is about the best vegetarian lasagna I’ve tried

This is a lovely cottage pie, creamy potatoes and tasty beef filling

I really enjoyed this meal. The pork was tender and tasty, and the beans had the right amount of spice

A beautiful vegetarian meal. The falafel are lovely, as are the vegetables they are served with

I often order the beef bourguignon, either in this form or in the pie. Both are delicious

A great meal. Very tasty and filling

One of my favourites. I often serve as a main meal

A great side with very generous serves. I love them

Really tasty and easy to prepare. Highly recommended

Delicious and creamy

Delicious what more can I say

It gave me the option to try before I bought because it was a little cheaper

Lamb Shepherd's Pie

We loved this, very tasty and generous size for 2.

these were so delicious. Served with spaghetti and very generous serving size.

Sausage Rolls
Sausage Rolls

Very nice, a bit on the smaller size but delicious!

Homemade Chicken Schnitzel

This was very nice. Moist and juicy. Serving size is huge.

A delicious luxury

This rivals any pasta dish I've ever eaten or had at a restaurant. Paired with one of the pasta sauces this is just delicious!


Will get again. Everyone loved it. Easy to ciok

yummy full stop

want more of this.

A favourite

This is so strong in flavour that it’s now a staple in my order. It definitely has a bite to it. Loved it!