4 Frozen Food Myths And The Truth Behind Them

June 21, 2021
4 Frozen Food Myths And The Truth Behind Them - Délidoor
Jacques Lepron

Jacques Lepron

Delidoor Co-Founder

In today’s fast-paced world, frozen meals have become the norm all across the world. 

However, the rise of frozen foods has also seen the rise of many myths too.

While the frozen food industry has come a very long way since those tasteless, boxed options Australians have seen in shopping centre freezers since the 80ies, many people still turn their noses up because of the stereotype that they are all the same - loaded with preservatives and unhealthy additives and taste like the box they come in.

Despite that, nutritionists around the globe have conducted research studies and numerous tests vouching for the benefits of quality frozen food.             

Does this mean that frozen food can actually be tasty?
Is frozen food as beneficial as its fresh counterpart? Or even better?

We say, yes! In fact, you will be surprised to learn all the health benefits frozen food offers you and your family. Well, that is, quality frozen foods.

Let’s address the myths about frozen foods and get to the truth.

Frozen Meals: The common myths and misconceptions

For as long as we can remember, frozen food has come under scrutiny with many people thinking of it as simply heavily processed stock. 

While there are still frozen food products stored in small corners of your local supermarket freezer, there are now a range of high-quality, chef-cooked frozen meals in the market today, like Délidoor, that are a whole different thing altogether.

So, it’s high time we push the stop button on treating all frozen food as equal. Because they’re certainly not.

Nutritionists around the globe have conducted research studies and tests vouching for the health benefits of quality frozen food.

Here are the 4 common myths about frozen food and the actual truth behind each.

 A delicious frozen meal by Delidoor: Chicken Cacciatore

Myth 1: Fresh food is healthier than frozen food                  

We hear this one a lot. However, did you know that frozen food often has as much, if not more, healthy nutrients than its fresh counterpart?

Dietitians Australia say that frozen foods are equally nutritious.

In an article by Emily Burch, Accredited Practising Dietitian and PhD candidate with Griffith University’s Healthy Primary Care team, she writes: “evidence suggests that freezing can preserve nutrient value, and that the nutritional content of fresh and frozen produce is similar.”

A study published by The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry compared the vitamin retention in eight fruits and vegetables (corn, carrots, broccoli, spinach, peas, green beans, strawberries and blueberries) between when they were frozen versus when they were refrigerated. Results showed that the overall vitamin content of the frozen fruits and vegetables is comparable or higher than their fresh counterparts.

Studies show that the freezing process preserves and locks in the nutritional content of food for relatively long storage periods.

Let us give you 3 points to support this claim.

  • Less or no preservatives at all – Unlike the fresh food that we eat, quality frozen food doesn’t require any added preservatives to increase its shelf life because freezing preserves food naturally. Meanwhile, fresh food is often treated with artificial chemical substances.
  • Lower risk of infection – Freezing slows down the multiplication of bacteria that can cause food poisoning, as compared to fresh food that has been passed through the hands of many people before packaging.
  • Storage of frozen food – By the time fresh food gets onto your plate, its nutritional value tends to have already diminished. Meanwhile, it’s easy to store, protect and transport foods in the freezer, locking in the nutrients and quality from preparation all the way to serving.

In other words, it’s a myth that fresh food is healthier than frozen food.

At Délidoor, our frozen meals are made by qualified chefs with high-quality ingredients, tried and tested recipes and no preservatives. They’re cooked fresh and frozen immediately, meaning you’re heating up and eating a healthy, home-cooked meal, but when it’s convenient for you.

 Frozen food is fresh

Myth 2: Frozen food is not fresh

Isn’t it ironic to buy “fresh food” in the supermarket knowing that it’s likely to have already been stored for weeks due to farming processes, transport, stock rotations and shelf-stocking? 

So, how ‘fresh’ really is your fresh food?

Some people assume that food is not fresh when it has been frozen. But how about your fresh food which has been exposed to different factors during shipping and importation - such as light and heat that sap nutritional value before it can even reach the shelves?

With quality frozen food like we offer at Délidoor, you can trust that it has been properly washed, prepared and cooked without long storage times. 


Délidoor prepares small batches of frozen meals
every day to freeze fresh, quality food - not old food.


Our chefs cook and freeze your food the same day, so it retains its freshness even over six months, without preservatives. So it’s not mass-produced – it’s cooked just like you would at home and then frozen for your convenience. 

So, it’s a myth that frozen food isn’t fresh. We know it for the truth, firsthand!  

 Homemade delicious and clean frozen vegetarian lasagna

Delicious frozen Vegetarian Lasagna by Délidoor

Myth 3: Eating frozen food is expensive

It’s often thought that, when you buy frozen meals, you’re paying more for the packaging and processing than the actual quality of the food. 

However, quality frozen food offers a lot of money-saving benefits since it can be stored for many weeks (sometimes months!) without spoiling. Unlike fresh food, frozen food doesn’t spoil before you’ve even had the chance to eat it.

Also, because quality frozen meals are fully prepared and cooked, you don’t have to buy all the expensive extras like spices, sauces, garnishes and sides that add up on your shopping bill and sit in the pantry for years.

With Délidoor, our frozen meals have substantial portions, use only high-quality ingredients and are cost-effective, offering true value for your hard-earned money – and they taste absolutely delicious, too!

 Délidoor food tastes better

Delicious frozen Carnita Pulled Pork with Mexican Beans by Délidoor

Myth 4: All frozen foods taste the same

We understand that when you think ‘frozen food’, you may think that it’s just plain salty, if not boring, bland and less than appealing - leaving you avoiding it every time you open the freezer. However, this is another common myth leftover from all those poor-quality frozen meals that have been around for decades.

You’ve probably tried one of these in the past and it turned you off forever.

But perhaps you were just eating the wrong frozen food all this time! There is a new generation of quality frozen meals like Délidoor that taste like something your mum or aunty cooked for you – because that’s what they are!

Not all frozen meals are created equal. Some are just not prepared with flavour in mind, while others may have a poor freezing process where ice crystals can form with the food, damaging it and ruining the flavour.

However, at Délidoor, we understand the importance of keeping every meal interesting, nutritious and delicious. So, we cook home-cooked meals and then use food freezing techniques that seal in the freshness and flavour.

So, the myth that all frozen meals taste the same is not true. High-quality frozen foods like our range at Délidoor are made with taste buds in mind.

 Delicious and clean frozen beef bourguignon

Has the truth of frozen food whet your appetite? 

As you can see, quality frozen meals are a healthy and nutritious option for the whole family, that fussy eater or the busy professional on the go – especially all of our Délidoor frozen meals.

From light lunches to gourmet dinners, our Délidoor menu consists of different meal categories that have a variety to suit all preferences, tastes and dietary requirements. Even picky eaters have lots of tasty options.

We help you save precious time every day by eliminating the stress and mess of cooking – no grocery lists, no preparation, thinking of meals or cooking! You can simply choose between our Ready to Cook or Ready to Reheat meals, and you’ll be able to enjoy them in less than 10 minutes.

At Délidoor, we deliver peace of mind at mealtime. You’ll always find nutritious & delicious frozen meals, ready whenever you are.

 The Délidoor team

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