The Tour de French Food

In celebration of the Tour de France, Délidoor is bringing right to your home the best French meals inspired by the regions the Tour de France riders will cross in July. Think the "Plat du Tour" hosted by SBS Food but with the dish already cooked by our French Chef and home delivered to your doorstep.
No prepping, no cooking and no cleaning. Order the food, put the kids to bed and watch the Tour while enjoying a delicious French meal.

In 2023, the Tour de France will cover 3,404 km from Spain to Paris, starting the 1st of July in Bilbao and ending on the Champs-Elysées in Paris on the 23rd of July.

Ride on French meals, not on French hills!

Discover the six main regions covered by the Tour de France in 2023 and an highlight of our menu

The Spanish stages

The 2023 Tour de France will start in the Basque Country, Spain with the first three stages in Spain.
This is the second time that the "Grand Départ" of the Tour de France is taking place in the Basque Country, with the previous one in Saint-Sébastien in 1992.
A key ingredient of the local cuisine is the chorizo. It's a type of spicy sausage. This flavourful sausage is often used in a variety of dishes to add a depth of flavor that is both slightly spicy and piquant.
One Délidoor dish puts the Chorizo as its centerpiece and it's the Chorizo quiche.

The South West

As the Tour De France enters France in Bayonne, it "lands" in the French Basque Country  and makes its way through the South West via Dax, Pau or Tarbes. 
Here at Délidoor, we are very proud to showcase our traditional Carnard Confit (or Duck Confit) and the Cassoulet. Tarbes has its own version of the Cassoulet made with the white Tarbes beans, the "haricots tarbais".

The Centre

From stage 8 to stage 11, the Tour de France 2023 will journey through the heart of France, showcasing its picturesque countryside .
The Center of France is known for its hearty and rustic dishes that reflect the agricultural richness of the area and the need for nourishing food to sustain the hard-working farmers and workers of the region.
Our most popular and highly recommended dish to try at Delidoor is the Truffade. It is a traditional dish from the Auvergne region. It's a very comforting and satisfying dish, perfect for cold winter nights or after a long day of outdoor activities. We are highlighting two desserts. First the Tarte Tatin born between Clermont Ferrand and Orleans in the Centre of France and the famous Chocolate Fondant invented in Aubrac, South of Clermont Ferrand.

The Mountains and Grand East

A Tour De France without crossing the Alps would not be a Tour De France. The Alpines stages are Spectacular and showcase the majestic grandeur of the high French Alps,
It is very often in the Alps that the final victory gets decided.
The main culinary specialty of the Alps are the Cheeses, indeed the "high altitude" pasture offer great conditions for the cows to produce amazingly rich milk which is then turned into unique cheeses such as Reblochon, Gruyere, Tome, Raclette...  
As the Tour de France crosses the Alps, try our Traditional Tartiflette, a perfect dish for the cold weather. 
Furhter north and still east, the Choucroute Garnie and the Quiche Lorraine will be your go-to dish this winter.

The Final Stage in Paris

A classic arrival of the Tour de France on the 23rd of July in Paris on the Champ-Elysées.
We are highlighting two meals and one dessert born in Paris.
The Hachi Parmentier invented by Antoine Parmentier to convince the King Louis XVI to use the newly imported potatoes, the French Madeleines invented in 1755 in the Chateau de Commercy in Paris and finally the Croque Monsieur born "officially" in 1910 in a Parisien bistrot, boulevard des Capucines.

Map of north of france showing the last stage of Tour de France in Paris

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