New Parents Ready Meals box


1xLentil Dahl, 1xBeef Bourguignon, 1xMash Potato, 1xButter Chicken, 1xBasmati Rice, 1xCreamy Carbonara Sauce, 1xCooked Pappardelle, 1xBeef Lasagna for 2,1xTarte Tatin, 1xChocolat Fondant Set Meals Box

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Our new Parent ready meals box has been created for sleep-deprived and hungry parents. It includes 5 wholesome meals and 2 handmade desserts for two.

There is no better feeling than knowing your freezer is stocked with nourishing, wholesome ready meals home-cooked. Our nutritious and delicious meals are delivered frozen and ready within minutes with minimal efforts straight to cover those nights where cooking is not an option.

Whether baby is about to come or the new parent are recovering from birth and learning to care for a new baby, we think our wholesome and delicious meals for 2 will be perfect.

With the new Parent Ready Meals box, you will receive 5 meals for two and two desserts so you can focus on recovering from birth and learning to care for a new baby. We've included some of favourite homemade ready meals for new parents.

Box content:

- One Lentil Dahl for 2

- One Beef Bourguignon with Mash for 2

- One Butter Chicken with Basmati Rice for 2

- One Beef Lasagna for 2

- Two Tartes Tatin

- Two Chocolate Fondants

- Carbonara Sauce and Pappardelle

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

We received this box as a gift in the first week having our new born home from the hospital.
It was amazing and delicious. We appreciated the home cooked meals so much. Easy to prepare when we had such little time. The perfect gift to new parents!

Perfect for new parents and small families!

We got the new parents box as a gift and it has helped us a lot during the first week of having a newborn. Super easy to reheat and really tasty. The butter chicken was our favourite! Would definitely recommend to new parents!

Jan F

My son who I ordered it for said it was good.