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Home Care Meals Delivered

Delicious and nutritious prepared meals free from preservatives and additives.

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Home Care Meals Delivered

Delicious and nutritious prepared meals free from preservatives and additives.

Nutritious & no nasties

Our meals are made from scratch without nasties and preservatives, using premium ingredients.

Home Care Package Meals

If you are an eligible HCP recipient, only pay small out-of-pocket fee (~30% of order cost). Delidoor is registered with many Home Care Service Providers in Australia

Rated 4.8 out of 5

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ | More than 6,100 verified reviews from happy customers. Click through to read them here.


Order online or over the phone and get it delivered as fast as two days. No lock-in contracts.

Australia’s largest menu

Choose from 150+ great tasting meals covered under your Home Care Package requiring minimal to no preparation

Delicious homecooked meals for home care service providers

At Delidoor, we pride ourselves in making delicious and tasty food available to everyone. Made from scratch by our team of chefs, our meals are cooked like we would do at home that is with real and fresh ingredients, without any additives and preservatives. We are also very vigilant on the salt level.

If you are an eligible recipient for home delivered ready-made meals then Delidoor can be funded through your Home Care Package.

The funding will cover the cost of meal preparation and delivery. All you have to pay is a small out of pocket fee, equivalent to 30% of the advertised price on our website. This is to cover the cost of the fresh and premium ingredients we use. We then invoice your Plan Provider for the cost of preparation and delivery.

How to use Delidoor under your HCP

Delidoor partners with many Home Care Providers across Australia. As an eligible recipient, you can now order your Delidoor meals under your package, a tastier alternative to existing ready-to-eat meals available on the market.

To get started, simply get in touch with the Home Care Service Provider that organises your home delivered ready meals and request Delidoor as your meal supplier. We'll invoice them directly after you place your orders.

Alternatively, call our Customer Care Team on 1800 344 000, or fill in the form by clicking on the button "Register me". We will then reach out to your HCP care coordinator to setup your Delidoor account.

Australian Seniors Favourites Prepared Meals

How does Delidoor work for HCP recipient/benificiary?

We make it easy for you and your carer to order the food and enjoy it at home with minimum prep. We all deserve to enjoy a good meal made from premium ingredients with no added preservatives and additives

Register your HCP account

If you are an eligible HCP recipient, register with us to benefit from subsidised delicious prepared meals home delivered.

Browse the menu & order

Browse our extensive menu of 150+ meals and place your order online or over the phone. Only pay a small cop-payment for the ingredient cost (~30% of total food cost).

We cook & deliver

While you carry on your favourite activities, we use fresh and premium ingredients to cook your meals. We snap freeze them and deliver them to your door.

Heat & enjoy your meal

Pull your meals out of the freezer and reheat them within minutes. You will enjoy a gourmet homecooked meal from the comfort of your home without any prep and shopping required.

Ready to eat Meal Indian Butter Chicken, Family Size
Sept 2023
Indian Butter Chicken, Family Size
Many varieties of Butter Chicken out there in the world. This one from you Delidoor was awesome. We both loved it.
Leanne B | Verified Buyer
Ready to eat Meal Italian Meatballs
Sept 2023
Italian Meatballs
Delicious and versatile! I got three meals out of this by adding a few different veggies. Also sprinkled with dried goats feta cheese - yummy.
JHL | Verified Buyer
Quiche / Pie Tarte Provencale, Family Size
July 2023
Tarte Provencale, Family Size
Hard to fault this savory tart. Flavoursome and perfect entree. better than any other hope delivery meal of its type
George Z | Verified Buyer
Dessert Mini Doughnuts * 6
Sept 2023
Mini Doughnuts * 6
I am not a donut person and thought I would just have a bite. I ate the whole donut. These are yummy and moist and light. I had the caramel one and my husband had the strawberry one and they were both lovely. We will be getting these again.
Julie S | Verified Buyer
Ready to eat Meal Beef Lasagna
May 2023
Beef Lasagna
This is so good, we dont have anything with it, just the lasagne. Have had it several times now, always great
Bryan C | Verified Buyer
We cook your meals like we would do at home — without preservatives and additives, only premium ingredients and lots of love.
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Delivery completely free for all orders over $120.

Delivered frozen

Delivered frozen to your doorstep in as fast as 2 days.

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Any questions?

Check out our FAQs below or contact us here.


At Delidoor, our meal delivery service is focused on providing nutritious and delicious options everyone, no matter who you are. Unlike other meal delivery services, we don't just prioritise convenience; we prioritise your health too. All our prepared meals are free from preservatives and others nasties, cooked from scratch in our commercial kitchen using premium ingredients and are designed by expert chefs and nutritionist to ensure you enjoy restaurant-quality meals right at home.


Our frozen meal delivery service for senior is designed to make your life easier and more enjoyable. Once you've ordered your favorite meals online or over the phone from our extensive menu, we'll pack them securely and deliver them frozen right to your doorstep. The meals can be stored in your freezer and are ready to be heated whenever you're ready to eat.


Yes, our home delivery for eldery service covers all major cities and surrounding areas in Australia located on the Eastern Seaboard ie from the Sunshine Coast down to Adelaide. We're always looking to expand our reach, so everyone can experience the convenience and deliciousness that Delidoor has to offer. As of today, we do not deliver Western Australia, Northern Territory, and Tasmania.


Absolutely. Our meal delivery service offers a wide variety of options, including vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free. We're committed to helping you maintain a balanced diet without compromising on flavour.


Yes, our meal delivery service allows for customization to cater to the unique tastes and preferences of each family member. Simply choose from our wide range of meals, add them to your cart, and let us know if there are any specific instructions. We aim to make mealtimes convenient and enjoyable for everyone.


No, at Delidoor, we believe in giving our customers the freedom to choose. Our meal delivery service operates without any lock-in contracts, so you can order as you go. Whether you're looking for a one-time treat or planning to make our frozen meals delivered service a part of your weekly routine, you're in complete control of your orders.


Delivery is free for orders over $120 and $15 for orders under $120. For Home Care Package recipients, the delivery free will be part of the portion invoiced to the HCP plan provider.


Fortunately not. All our meals are delivered frozen in a box insulated with an innovative and sustainable material made of sheep wool. If you are not home, please add some delivery instructions as to where the driver should leave the box. Please be as specific as you can for our driver, so he/she can follow your instructions.


If you are eligible, your Home Care Package would cover the cost of meal preparation and delivery, equivalent to up to 70% of the total cost of your Delidoor order.

As such, you will only need to pay a co-payment of roughly 30% to cover the cost of ingredients.

For any additional information, you can reach out to us on 1800 344 000 or hcp@delidoor.com.au


Delidoor partners with many Australian Home Care Package providers across the states we deliver that is QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC and SA. We are always adding new partners so we can serve as many eligible seniors as we can with our preservatives free delicious meals.

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