How Délidoor works?

Choose a plan that suits your lifestyle

A set of ready to eat meals including quiche, lasagna and salmon

Whether you need delicious meals as a treat, a back-up plan for those nights you don't want to cook or simply because you never have time to cook, Délidoor has the right meal plan for you.

Select how often you want to be delivered (weekly, fortnightly or monthly), then choose the number of people you are feeding and the number of meals you want to cover. You can add some extra kids meals if necessary at the end of the process.

Remember there is no lock-in contract, you can stop or pause the plan at any time. Subscription for us is not about locking you in, but making your life easier and ensuring you never miss out.

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We cook delicious meals and deliver them frozen to your door

We've sourced the freshest veggies, meat and fish from farms and distributors around Sydney to cook delicious meals. Once cooked, we freeze them to lock in their nutritional value and freshness. No artificial ingredients, preservatives and other nasties are used to enhance and preserve the food.

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A collection of fresh ingredients and prepared meals cooked by Delidoor

Defrost, reheat and enjoy

A collection of delicious prepared meals: Fresh salad and warm ready to eat meals

Once your meals have been delivered, store them in your freezer. Put the meal you intend to eat the next day in your fridge overnight, so it has time to defrost. If you forgot to defrost the meals, you can always use your microwave or hot water over the pouch to defrost it just before your dinner.

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Recycle, reuse and reduce food waste

Recycle and reuse your Delidoor delivery packaging

Délidoor is committed to reduce food related environmental impact. Frozen food helps reduce food waste, our packaging can be recycled and reused. Our packaging can be recycled and reused.

1 - The cardboard box can be either disposed in your paper & carboard recycling bin or can be picked up by the Délidoor team at your next delivery.

2 - The insulation is biodegradable. It can go in the compost bin or use on the garden as mulch. It can be picked up by Délidoor at your next delivery.

3 - The plastic pouch containing the food should be disposed in the mixed container recycling bins.

Don't forget to put the cardboard box and insulation out so it can be picked up by Délidoor at your next delivery.

Manage your account in total flexibility

Are you going away or just need to adjust the quantity of your meals plan. You can pause your deliveries, adjust the quantity you receive or the frequency of your deliveries (weekly, fortnighly or monthly).

Simply access your account from your laptop, phone or tablet and pause / unpause your upcoming deliveries, or modify your plan.

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A couple checking their Delidoor online account

Need help? We are here for you

Delidoor customer care team is here to help you

If you get stuck somewhere or have a questions, we are always here to help.

You can reach out via the website chat, drop us an email, or call us.

Alternatively, you can check out our FAQs or leave us a message via our contact form.

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