Delivery with Délidoor

How it works?

From our central kitchen in Stanmore we currently offer delivery to all Greater Sydney suburbs. Use the widget in the top section of the website to check if we deliver to your suburb (you will be prompted at the checkout too).
Your order will be packaged appropriately so it can stay outside safely for a few hours. Please note that all prepared meals are delivered frozen to your doorstep. Find more information about it here.

Our products come packaged in a box with a very efficient natural wool liner system which will keep the goods frozen for a few hours even if left outside. If you are not planning to be home for the delivery you can either indicate to us where we can safely leave your box or choose a night time delivery window (Midnight to 7am). If you are worried about the product defrosting you can leave an esky outside with a couple of ice blocks in it and a sticky note "Délidoor" on it and we would leave the box in the esky. The box dimension are 340 x 250 x 265.

The day before delivery, you will receive a text message providing you a 2 hours window delivery the next day. Through this text, you will be able to track in real time the progress of the driver to your home the next day.

On the day of delivery, you will receive a second text message when the driver is on his way to your home.

When do we deliver?

We deliver twice a week, on Tuesday and Friday. You can choose to be delivered during night time (Midnight to 7am) or during day time (8am to 5pm) .Just decide what suits you best. Cut-off time works as below :

  • To receive your order on Tuesday, place your order before 8pm the previous Sunday.
  • To receive your order on Friday, place your order before 8pm the previous Wednesday.


Minimum order and delivery fee 

There is a minimum order of $60 for all orders. Delivery fee is a flat fee of $12. 
Delivery is free for order above $120.

Recycling our packaging

We are using an innovative packaging to keep your food safe while protecting the environment.

    • Cardboard: You can dispose of the cardboard box in your blue recycling bin, or store it for later use. Example of use by some of our customers:
      • Cat mansion
      • Scratching pole for feline friends
      • Fort or spaceship for the kids
      • Race car for the kids
      • Packing cartons
      • For organisation and storage
      • Arts and crafts
    • Wool Liners: The wool liners are home compostable and biodegradable, suitable to place in your home green garden or to bury in your backyard, releasing valuable nutrients back into the soil. Alternatively, customers find many uses for them around the home, such as:
      •  Weed matting,
      • Rose protectors
      • Pipe lagging
      • Pet bedding
      • Carpet underlay
      • Mulch/worm farming
      • Hanging baskets
      • Veggie patches
      • Grow micro greens (salads)
      • Arts and crafts
      • Beehive insulation
      • Van panelling
    • Food packaging:
      • The plastic food packaging can be recycled by disposing them at Redcycle collection points. Visit Redcycle website here to locate nearest drop off point.
      • Aluminium trays used for the lasagnas and quiches can be disposed in your home yellow bin.
    • Ice Packs: If you receive ice packs, the gel in the ice packs can be either mixed with soil in the garden as a wetting agent or simply disposed of in general waste (red bins).

We are currently unable to collect your used cardboard and liner.