Authentic Bouillabaisse, serves 2


Bouillabaisse is a traditional Provençal fish stew originating in the port city of Marseille in France. The French and English form bouillabaisse comes from the Provençal Occitan word bolhabaissa, a compound that consists of the two verbs bolhir (to boil) and abaissar (to reduce heat, i.e., simmer).

What makes a bouillabaisse different and better than any other fish soups is the selection of Provençal herbs and spices in the broth. Chef Sebastien has been replicating the classic bouillabaisse in the most traditional way, using only Australian ingredients. Our bouillabaisse for 2 has minimum 200g of fish, 4 mussels, 4 prawns, and squid. Better serve with rice. Min 900g, serves 2. 

Preparation, cooking and serving instructions

From thawed, gently pour the contents into a saucepan and warm slowly over medium heat until gently bubbling and warmed through. 

Customer Reviews

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Ordered 5 meals. This was the fifth. Meal 5/5 scores 5/5. Av all meals: 5/5.

Monday night, bouillabaisse. That's it! Five out of five, all smasheroos. I added crunchy buttery rolls and also cheesy cauliflower bake at the side in case it wasn't enough. Needn't have bothered with the cauli. One bread roll with it and yer full. Délidoor is a hit in our book, and no, I'm not on the take here. These guys know how to cook. Glad I found them.


So easy and delicious served it over rice this time next time maybe with some nice crispy garlic bread.

Caroline G
A taste of the Sea

We loved the bouillabaisse, added a few more local fresh prawns and it fed three
with some garlic bread. The flavour was truly authentic.

John C
Restaurant quality

Wonderful meal so tasty


Great bouillabaisse, taste, texture all very authentic well worth a repeat order