Duck Magret with Creamy Pink Pepper Sauce, serves 2


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Chef Sebastien was adamant that Pink Pepper Sauce wat the best accompaniment to duck breast. And damn he was right, Pink peppercorns lend foods a different kind of heat, closer to chiles than black pepper. They have the same peppery bite, but it's wrapped in a sweet fruity flavour reminiscent of a berry with an attitude.

Serves 2, 400 g.

Preparation, cooking and serving instructions

Frozen product. To defrost, put in the fridge for 24 hours. Once defrosted, heat, and consume within 48 hours.

Heat up the pan, cut some line in the fat side of the magret, cook for 5 min on the fat side, flip the breast, cook another 5-6 min and then let it rest for 5 min. If you don't like your magret too rose you can add an extra 5 min in a preheated oven after cooking in the pan. 

Reheat the sauce gently in a sauce pan until it boils.

Pour the sauce on the breast. 

Customer Reviews

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Cooking instructions very misleading

5 minutes cooking on each side of the duck breasts was woefully inadequate: the duck breasts were still raw.
Need to put in the oven at 150 celsius for at least an hour and then increase temperature to 175 celsius for at least another hour.

Tender and tasty

This was so delicious, we were i a massive storm and lost all power but mnaged to cook on the gas plate and it was delicious even though had to cook all in the one pan!!!


My little Christmas indulgence. Followed your instructions and it turned out perfect. Thank you.

Duck Margret

Good enough to serve to people coming for dinner!

Easy and tasty duck dish

We just followed the instructions and it came out lovely. The duck breasts were marinated so easy to pan fry to pinkness (you do want this to be rare to medium rare) and juicy to eat. The sauce is mildly peppery and very creamy. We paired it with the kipfler potatoes and a fresh side salad