Tom Yum, Traditional Thai Soup, serves 2


When we first told our 2 Thai Chefs, Vipaporn and Nattapon, that we wanted to launch a Thai Dishes collection, the traditional Tom Yum Soup came on top of their list. You will understand why, this is a pure show case of Thai food flavour : chillies, lemon grass Kafir Lime Leaves , Galangal and Garlic. Traditional Tom Yum normally comes with Prawns but we decided to do ours with Tofu instead. It is a little hot even if our chefs told us that on a Thai Chilly scale, this is very mild. 650g, Serves 2.

Preparation, cooking and serving instructions

Frozen product. To defrost, put in the fridge for 24 hours. Once defrosted, reheat, and consume within 48 hours. 

From thawed, gently pour the contents into a saucepan and warm slowly over medium heat until gently bubbling and warmed through. 

Customer Reviews

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Katie J
Delicious & Healthy

So tasty, I bulk mine out with more tofu/mushrooms and eat with rice and it gives me 3 servings. Will definitely reorder, thankyou for the healthy options!

Tom Yum, Traditional Thai Soup

Loved this soup was definitely the traditional version and will be buying this again. I would probably add my own prawns into it as there weren’t enough but very good value and full of flavour.

Jo B
Plenty of flavor

Tasty and flavorful, quite hot. Would have liked bigger chunks of tofu rather than just a few little cubes. Served this over rice noodles and it was a big hit. My sister polished off the leftovers for breakfast!

sandra p

Soup was good but it had tofe which I hate


We add chicken to this soup and it's so good. Tastes like the restaurant.