Carnita Pulled Pork with Mexican Beans, serves 2



Carnitas, literally meaning "little meats", is a dish of Mexican cuisine. Seasoned pork is slow cooked until tender served with mexican beans that are packed with a punch. Product delivered frozen. 800g, serves 2.

Preparation, cooking and serving instructions

Frozen product. Once defrosted, heat, and consume within 48 hours. 

From frozen, carefully place the bags into some boiling water from the kettle to thaw the outside so the contents can release from the bag. Gently pour the bag contents into two separate saucepans, and heat slowly over low heat for approximately 15 mins or until it is warmed through and gently simmering. 

From thawed, gently pour the contents of the bags into two separate saucepans and warm slowly over medium heat until gently bubbling and warmed through. 

You can serve with rice or a Mexican soft tortilla. 

If you want to increase the sourness, give it a squeeze of lemon.

Any leftovers would be perfect stuffed in a soft tortilla for lunch.

Customer Reviews

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Delicious Goodness

The flavour and juiciness of the pork.... yum! We served this with a little rice, avocado, a squeeze of lime and sprinkle of cheese. My husband thought it would be delicious in rolls. It would be amazing in tortillas.

Lisa H
Holy Moly!

This Mexican pulled pork was so delicious! Packed with flavour and a little bit of spice.
We cut up some lettuce, tomatoes, grated some cheese and made a guacamole. We then had both soft wraps and corn tortillas. Yummy!

Lovely flavour

I thought the portion of pulled pork looked small, but actually was enough plus we had leftovers! We had this with tortillas, rice and some sour cream, so good.

Lorraine C
Another Great Dish

Your meals are consistently flavoursome, of good quality and great portions. Easy to enjoy restaurant meals after a working day. Love your work.

Great Mexican Meal

Added guacamole, tomato salsa, limes, sour cream and fajitas - excellent!!