Leek & Dijon Chicken Pie


Everyday Meals for 2

With beautifully flaky pastry and a hint of mustard cutting through the creamy filling, this recipe is perfect for a family weekend lunch. Product delivered frozen. Serves 2.

Preparation, cooking and serving instructions

Frozen product. Once defrosted, cook, and consume within 48 hours.

Defrost before baking.

Preheat your oven at 170deg. Prepare an egg wash (egg and milk or cream) and brush it on the pastry before baking. Bake for 25 to 30 minutes until golden brown.

Customer Reviews

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What a delicious introduction to délidoor!

I can be a bit of a food snob and didn’t expect much from a frozen meal, but the reviews were so positive across the board and the prices so reasonable that I thought I’d give some of the meals a go. I figured at the very least they’d be a good option for busy days when I lack the motivation to cook a proper meal.

My expectations were absolutely blown out of the water with this pie. It was as good as one I’d make myself. Fantastic flavour through the sauce, well-cooked chicken without any hint of dryness, delicious buttery pastry, and perfectly seasoned. I couldn’t ask for better.

I served it with some leftover crushed roast potatoes that I popped in to reheat along with the pie, and a simple green salad.

I can’t wait to eat the other half for lunch tomorrow!

Leek and Dijon chicken pie

Sooo nice and have ordered again

Leek and Chicken Dijon Pie

The pastry stuck to dish, but the pie was very tasty and added another protein for Christmas lunch.

Leek and Chicken Dijon Pie

This was in a bag like a casserole. WHERE WAS THE FLAKY PASTRY?

Chicken Leek and Dijon Casserole

I have to say that it was such a great dish and I could have it often.