Traditional Toulouse Cassoulet, serves 2


Although there are numerous versions of cassoulet, most are based on a stew of white beans and various forms of pork. The dish gets its name from the pot that it is traditionally baked in, the cassole , which is often shaped like a wide inverted cone to ensure the greatest amount of luscious crust.

Our Délidoor version is the traditional "Cassoulet de Toulouse" which showcases, duck confit, bacon, and the French garlic sausages that are a specialty of Toulouse. 

Preparation, cooking and serving instructions

Frozen product. To defrost, put in the fridge for 24 hours. Once defrosted, heat, and consume within 48 hours.  

Heat your oven to 160C, transfer the cassoulet into an oven proof dish and reheat for 15-20 min. For a perfect experience, you can sprinkle the cassoulet with bread crumbs before baking it. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Perfect for Winter

This was such a delicious and hearty meal. I have defrosted some sourdough to have with this again tonight. Thank you!

Duck duck Sausage

Plenty for 2 adults, a little salty but quite tasty. Would like to see more duck & not so much sausage.

Catherine Thomas
Delicious but a little salty

Very fresh and tasty. Generous quantity (was enough for 2 adults and 2 young kids). Just found it heavy handed on the salt.

Very Tasty

This was a very tasty dish and even if the duck is traditional, it was overkill and we both feel the dish would be better served without it. Definitely too large for 2 people. We loved the beans, sausages, and sauce. The leftovers were still yummy.

Ian P
Lockdown treat

A generous serve but far too salty for my taste. Recommended reheating time is a bit optimistic.