Stuffed Turkey Breast Cranberries & Chestnuts Stuffing with Gravy, 1.2 kg to be cooked, serves 4-6.


Christmas specialty at its best, our turkey breast roast comes with our homemade stuffing and homemade gravy. The heroes ingredients of the stuffing are Cranberries and Chestnuts.  We recommend to pair the roast with Kiplfer potatoes and/or our Honey Roasted Vegetables. 

Preparation, cooking and serving instructions

Place the meat in the fridge 24 to 48 hours before cooking to allow for defrosting.

Preheat your oven at 160 deg. 

Place in a baking tray with all the juice and bake for 60 min at 160 deg and another 10 min at 190 deg.  

    Customer Reviews

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    percy f
    Moist and beautiful fresh and tasty turkey roll

    A beautiful tasting turkey, with stuffing full of chestnuts and cranberries, tasted superb, would like more cranberries. Gravy was superb nicest gravy for a long time. Please also give instructions fan force oven. Needed 170 degrees fan forced, Will continue to buy.


    Great to have a nice size of turkey and th stuffing was wonderful and the turkey was moist and tender. Served with the gravy we all enjoyed it without the fuss of cooking it from scratch. Thank you it was wonderful

    Sally C
    Christmas gem

    Very easy Christmas meal. Looked impressive and tasted delicious.

    Sue H
    Really yummy

    We really enjoyed the turkey breast. It was easy to prepare and was delicious

    Martha H
    Delicious Christmas Turkey

    For our early Christmas dinner we all loved Délidoor’s stuffed Turkey roll. The stuffing was plentiful and very tasty. The gravy was thick, rich and delicious. We had the honey roasted vegetables as well and they were tasty as well no leftovers. A good sign.