Delicious Meals When You Need Them

Even when life moves fast, Adelaidians still don't accept anything less than the best for their meals. From their love of cooking great meals for the family to sharing precious moments with their friends, South Australians choose gourmet food. To stay at the top of your game so that you can keep up with weekend sports, long hours at work, or trips to the beach with the kids, you need to eat healthy meals full of nutrients and satisfying enough for the whole family. When you don't have time to cook for yourself or your family, you want a meal delivery service that lives up to your high expectations so you can eat gourmet, home-cooked meals every day of the week. Between meal planning, busy supermarkets, time-intensive meal prep, and arduously cleaning your kitchen, sometimes it's necessary to take a day or two off from feeding your family and cook a pre-prepared meal. And if you're going to buy ready-made meals, try the service that offers professional chef-prepared gourmet food delivered right to your door.

The Adelaide Gourmet Food Delivery Service

When choosing the meal delivery service for you, Délidoor comes out on top every time. With gourmet, chef-prepared delicious meals, a rotating menu for fantastic new experiences from various cuisines, and the freshest ingredients sourced from local providers, Délidoor is the premium meal delivery service for South Australia.

Save time

For when you just don't have the time to shop, prep, cook, and clean, a Délidoor meal in the freezer can put quality food on your family table. It's as simple as pre-ordering meals from our online store to be delivered directly to your door, with no lock-in contract, no fast food, and no fuss. Our meals can wait in your freezer, ready for you to heat and eat when you need them most.

Eat clean

Don't ruin your good work by eating unhealthy fast food when gourmet meals taste so much better. With fresh, local ingredients, snap-frozen to ensure your family gets all the nutrients they need to make the most of their busy days. No nasty preservatives or questionable chemicals, just wholesome, fresh meals that will make you feel great.

Stress less

Instead of worrying about cooking dinner when you're working late or too stressed out to make a meal plan, have a convenient, tasty option waiting at home. With Délidoor's simple click-to-order website, you can spend less time stressing about cooking and more time for the things you care about most.

Save money

We source our ingredients locally and cook in bulk to bring you flavour-filled nutritious meals at a fraction of the price it would cost at a restaurant or your supermarket. We offer great prices on single meals, and our discovery boxes are a bargain, with a range of tasty cuisines to try.

Simplicity & humility

We believe in simple, humble, "home made" cooking. The kind of meals you are happy to share with your family during the week or with friends over 

High quality & clean

Quality ingredients are the key — we aim to use only the best ingredients and combine them in a way that preserves the

Sauce & dressings

Sauces and dressing play an important role in maximising flavours, adding juiciness and improving the mouth feel of a 

Our seasoning brings

Seasoning and use of herbs, spices and chillies is what makes the difference between a good dish and an exceptional dish. Our

Gourmet meals from our kitchen to yours

Délidoor ready-made meals are all carefully designed and prepared by professional chefs to allow you to enjoy gourmet food on your night off. With fresh ingredients from local producers, our meals are healthy and guilt-free, perfect for you or your family. Instead of wasting money on sub-par fast food delivery, enjoy a fresh, delicious dinner with minimal cooking straight from your freezer.

Fresh meals from our expansive menu

With Délidoor meals, you could enjoy a mouth-watering chicken tikka-masala with your family one night and a delicious vegetarian Thai fried rice the next. With food from cuisines all over the world, we have a menu that you will be excited to serve for your family. From Indian, Mediterranean, Continental, Classic American, Mexican, and many varieties of Asian cuisines, to our excellent indigenous Australian meals, take a gourmet tour around the globe from the comfort of your own home, all without lifting a finger! Our wide variety and constantly updating menu will keep the whole family happy.

Australian-owned and loved

With locally sourced ingredients, Australian-made and designed meals, and convenient delivery options for hard working Australians, Délidoor is the ready-made meal home delivery service for you. We provide a regularly updated weekly menu, great bundle deals, and a wide variety of meal options for time-poor Australians to enjoy, so they can get back to the important stuff.

Why choose Délidoor as your Adelaide meal delivery service?

If you love cooking but just don't have time to cook tasty meals every day of the week, Délidoor has affordable, gourmet ready meals for you. Take a day off from the hard work of shopping, cooking, and cleaning up over dinner time, and eat meals planned, prepared, and cooked by professional chefs that the whole family will love.

With our extensive menu of dinners for any diet, delicious comfort food, and great light meals for when you're on the go, healthy eating is easy on any day of the week.

Simply select and order any meals from our menu. They will be delivered to your Adelaide or regional South Australia address, packed frozen and ready to cook at a moment's notice.

Tasty meals for any diet

Our menu includes a great range of food from many cuisines, suitable for everyone in the family on any diet. With wholesome, nutritious meals on our weekly menu, you won't miss a night of healthy, fresh food on the dinner table.

Vegan, gluten-free, and vegetarian

From a tasty vegan Napoletana pasta sauce to a delicious gluten-free chicken tikka masala that all families enjoy, there won't be any frowns around the dinner table. With fresh ingredients packed with nutrition, our special offers that fit any family’s diet will save you time, money, and stress.

Here's how to have your meals delivered

Select your meals

Choose from our weekly menu of professional chef-prepared meals, with new options from a diverse range of cuisines catering to any diet.

Convenient delivery

Your meals will be delivered to your Adelaide or regional South Australia doorstep, packed to stay cool while you're at work.

Enjoy gourmet meals

The majority of our meals are heat-and-eat, and the rest require only the most basic preparation - perfect for when you want to enjoy gourmet food without the hassle of cooking.

Re-order in a few clicks

If you're too busy to make new selections from our menu, you can re-order with a simple click. If you want to try something different, it's easy to choose from our weekly menu; no lock-in contract is required.


We deliver four times each week, on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday between 8 am and 6 pm, but we pack our boxes to stay cool until you're home from work. To receive your package on any given day, complete your order by 8 pm on the previous Sunday. We send you a text message on the day before delivery so you can track the order and eat your ready meals with confidence.

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