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Meal Delivery in the Brisbane

Hearty meals from our kitchen to your table.

Our Meals

Meal Delivery in the Brisbane

Hearty meals from our kitchen to your table.

Nutritious & no nasties

Our meals are made from scratch without nasties and preservatives, using premium ingredients.

Planet-friendly feeds

Frozen meals last longer, helping reduce food waste. Our packaging is eco-friendly, recyclable and reusable.

Rated 4.8 out of 5

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Place your order in only a few clicks and get it delivered in as fast as two days. No lock-in contracts.

Australia’s largest menu

Choose from 150+ great tasting meals for families and kids, requiring minimal to no preparation.

Tasty meals prepared with love and delivered with care


Whether it's heading out to reconnect with nature on a bushwalk, enjoying brunch at a local café, or soaking up some rays at the beach, it's no wonder that Brisbane locals love their city.

And to fuel that healthy lifestyle, it's important to maintain a healthy, balanced diet.

But we understand how busy life can be. Between juggling work, social, and family commitments, finding the time to fit everything in can be hard. Meal planning, shopping, and managing the food in your fridge all add to an already hectic lifestyle, and that's before you include the stress of cooking and cleaning.

Imagine the extra time you could spend doing what you love each week without the hassle of cooking.

Well, the great news is that Délidoor has made meal time easy.

No matter whether you're wanting healthy meals delivered to help your waistline, or you're simply looking for dinner options that offer taste and convenience, our meal plans have you covered.

Our tasty ready-made meals will get everyone's tick of approval, and all our meals are prepared with love by professional chefs and delivered to your door with care.

Why do Brisbane locals love our ready-made meals?

Because, quite simply, our meal options are where quality and taste meet convenience.

Having our delicious, frozen meals delivered to your door means you'll save time, have less stress, and save money! Not to mention, you'll be doing your part to help the planet.

Simplicity & humility

We believe in simple, humble, "home made" cooking. The kind of meals you are happy to share with your family and friends.

High quality & clean

We use only the best ingredients and combine them in a way that preserves their flavour.

Sauce & dressings

Our made from scratch sauces and dressing maximise the flavours of our meals.

Our seasoning brings

Seasoning and use of herbs, spices and chillies is what makes the difference between a good dish and an exceptional dish.

Why Delidoor Should be Your Meal Delivery Provider in Brisbane?

Save time

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3! We deliver meals directly to your door each week, and when you're ready to eat, simply remove your meal from the freezer, heat, and enjoy. You'll save hours of shopping, cooking and cleaning time, giving you more of those precious moments to do what you love. And best of all, it's convenient knowing that you always have a selection of tasty meals in the freezer.

Eat clean

We use only fresh, natural, high-quality ingredients in our nutritious meals, then freeze in all the goodness so that it makes it to your plate. Not only are our delicious meals full of flavour and have everything you need for a balanced diet, but we also do it all without any nasty added preservatives. You care about your health, and so do we, and so we offer meals which are safe and nourishing for you and your family.

Stress less

Using our meal delivery services lets you worry less about who's shopping, cooking, or cleaning up and get back to living life how you want. We deliver to our customers in Brisbane, Toowoomba, and on the Gold Coast on Wednesdays, which means that meal plans are easy. Our app lets you try new meals, including our monthly menu specials, or just set a recurring order for your favourite snacks and meals so that you can focus on the important parts of life.

Save money

We cook in bulk so you can enjoy high-quality meals delivered at a fraction of the price you'd be paying to make them yourself. With our meal plans, you get to sample a wide range of tasty cuisines with meals carefully prepared by professional chefs, and you can do it while feeling great about your budget.

What's on the menu today?

When choosing the meal delivery service for you, Délidoor comes out on top every time. With exquisite, gourmet, chef-prepared delicious meals, a rotating menu for fantastic new experiences from various cuisines, and the freshest ingredients sourced from local providers, Délidoor is the best meal delivery service in Brisbane.

Meal Options for Everyone: Family, Vegan, and Gluten-free

No matter what you love, we've made healthy eating easy and have a great range of meal options for you. We cater to all dietary requirements; meat-eaters, vegetarians, plant-based, and gluten-free options, and our gourmet meals will satisfy even the fussiest of eaters.

Our dairy-free and vegetarian options are carefully prepared with nutritious, healthy, high-protein meat alternatives like tofu, chickpeas, and lentils. We deliver healthy meals to your door with care each week, making following your diet and fueling your body with the right food as simple as the click of a button.

A huge range of Green Cuisines to Try

Will it be a beautiful chicken chasseur for two on date night or a beef lasagna for the whole family to enjoy? The choice is yours, and with our great range of cuisines, you'll always have a new tasty meal to try.

Délidoor is committed to a greener future with less food waste and a smaller environmental impact. With our meal options, there'll be no leftovers, and there's no need to buy additional items you'll only use once before they expire. And all our packaging is eco-friendly, which we encourage our customers to reuse or recycle.

With quality natural ingredients seasoned with our secret sauces, you're getting great food on the menu every day. Our vast range of ready-made meals provide taste, health, and convenience. Whether you love to grill, would love to have some healthy snacks on hand, want to save on lunch, or just think dinner should be easier, our delivery service has got you covered.

Meal Plans for the Fast-Paced Brisbane Life

With no monthly lock-in contract, you can simply visit our online store and purchase the number of meals that are most convenient for you. Living a busy life? It's easy to re-order a previous selection with just one click. Want to try new meals each week? We have a huge range of great cuisines for any dietary requirements, and new specials are always being included.

Skip all that process and get to the part where you eat your meal by having it delivered to your door.

The Brisbane Meal Delivery Service for You

We deliver delicious meals to locals in the Brisbane area, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and Toowoomba, servicing all metro areas.

How to Get Your Meals Delivered in Brisbane

Select your meals

Browse our wide range of tasty ready-made meals from various cuisines which are suitable for any dietary requirement. We update our menu frequently, so there's always something new to try.

Convenient delivery

Spend less time on shopping and meal preparation, so you can do more of what you love. Your meals will arrive at your doorstep, ready to heat, eat, and enjoy.

Enjoy gourmet meals

Simply follow the basic instructions on the packaging to experience delicious, convenient, and healthy meals.

Re-order in a few clicks

Try something new, or if you're busy, you can re-order the same meal plan with just a few clicks. Have your ready-made meals delivered each week to focus on the best parts of life.


Our delivery day for everyone in Queensland is on Wednesday each week. We send you a text message on the day before delivery so you can track the order. Don't stress, though; we pack all our orders in cardboard boxes with wool insulation so your meals can sit on your doorstep until you get home.
To receive your order on any given Wednesday, complete your purchase on the previous Sunday by 8 pm. Refer toour delivery page here.


Most of our meals are best cooked straight from the packaging, but some will need to be defrosted first. All the information you need will be on the label, and it's always easy to follow.

Our food isn't always as simple as a 3-minute microwave meal because we cook gourmet food with fresh ingredients, and we want you to have a home-cooked experience without the hassle.


The simple answer is yes because we care about your health. By delivering your meals frozen, we lock in the healthy goodness of the fresh ingredients we use, and for your peace of mind, there are no nasty preservatives.


On average, our meals last for around five months in the freezer. All our meals come with an expiry label, so check that before you cook!


We make healthy meals for everyone. Our vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free meals are nutritious and protein-rich.
And for added assurance, our chicken and beef are halal so you can be confident in our meal delivery service.


Our ingredients are all sourced fresh, locally. We're very strict about only using fresh, healthy ingredients sourced from environmentally conscious producers.


We have a partnership with REDcycle, meaning that all the plastic food packaging can be recycled by disposing of them in REDcycle Program drop-off bins at participating supermarkets. Visit redcycle.net.au to find your nearest drop-off point.
More information on recycling with REDcycle is on our latestblog post here.


No contract is required; we use a Shopify service so you can buy meals when you need them without any monthly fees.


We charge a flat fee of $13 for any order under $120, while orders over $120 will have free delivery.

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