Gourmet Meal Delivery for Wollongong Residents

Life is fast-paced, but Wollongong residents still expect nothing but the finest for their dining experiences. From their appreciation of the top-notch wines of the Illawarra Region to enjoying a fancy dinner with their loved ones, those residing on the East Coast of Australia prioritize gourmet cuisine. To keep up with their busy lives while still making time for beach excursions, wine tastings, and visits to picturesque national parks, it's important to consume nutritious, filling meals that please everyone at the table. When you find yourself short on time to cook for your family, you need a meal delivery service that meets your high culinary standards, so you can relish in gourmet, home-style meals every day of the week. From meal planning to navigating crowded grocery stores to the time-consuming meal preparation process to washing a seemingly never-ending stream of dishes, sometimes you just need a break from cooking. If you're seeking an alternative to making meals from scratch, look no further than Délidoor, the meal delivery service in Wollongong that offers chef-prepared, gourmet cuisine delivered straight to your door. Say goodbye to the hassle of meal prep and enjoy top-notch, pre-made meals that are ready to be enjoyed in no time.

The Best Wollongong Meal Delivery Service

Are you tired of the same mundane meal options and bland flavors? Do you yearn for a meal delivery service that elevates your dining experience with intricate and tantalizing dishes, sourced from only the freshest local ingredients? Look no further than Délidoor, the premier meal delivery service for the vibrant city of Wollongong. Our master chefs craft delectable gourmet meals with a rotating menu featuring a variety of cuisines, ensuring that your taste buds are constantly tantalized and satisfied. Say goodbye to dull and uninspired meals and embrace the culinary excellence that is Délidoor, delivering right to your door.

Save time

With our range of delicious, chef-prepared meals, there's no need to worry about shopping, prepping, cooking, and cleaning. Just pre-order from our online store and have quality, gourmet food delivered right to your doorstep - without any long-term commitments or complicated processes. And the best part? You can store your favorite Délidoor meals in the freezer, ensuring that a delectable and nourishing meal is always at your fingertips, ready to be heated and served in a matter of minutes. Experience the burst of taste and perplexity in every bite!

Eat clean

With Délidoor, you won't have to sacrifice good taste for convenience. In Wollongong, busy families and hardworking individuals can still enjoy hearty, gourmet meals without the hassle of shopping, cooking, and cleaning. Délidoor's menu, crafted with the finest and freshest ingredients sourced from top Australian suppliers, offers a delectable range of options to suit every palate. Our snap-freezing process locks in all the wholesome nutrients, ensuring that every meal is not just delicious but also nutritious. Say goodbye to unhealthy fast food and preservatives, and hello to guilt-free gourmet meals with Délidoor.

Stress less

Life can get hectic for the residents of Wollongong. Instead of worrying about cooking dinner when you’re working late or too tired to make a meal plan, take advantage of a convenient, delicious option waiting at home. Délidoor’s simple click-to-order website allows you to spend less time stressing over cooking and more time for the tour, vineyards, and family you care about most.

Save money

Délidoor sources all of our ingredients in Australia and cook meals in bulk to bring you flavour-filled, nutritious gourmet meals at a fraction of the cost of a high-end restaurant or local supermarket. Délidoor offers the best prices on single meals, and our discovery boxes come at a bargain price with plenty of tasty cuisines to try.

Simplicity & humility

We believe in simple, humble, "home made" cooking. The kind of meals you are happy to share with your family during the week or with friends over 

High quality & clean

Quality ingredients are the key — we aim to use only the best ingredients and combine them in a way that preserves the

Sauce & dressings

Sauces and dressing play an important role in maximising flavours, adding juiciness and improving the mouth feel of a 

Our seasoning brings

Seasoning and use of herbs, spices and chillies is what makes the difference between a good dish and an exceptional dish. Our

What are we eating today?

Our Gourmet Kitchen Delivers To You

Délidoor ready-made meals are carefully designed and prepared by professional chefs to provide you with gourmet food on your night off. With fresh ingredients from Australian producers, Délidoor meals are healthy and guilt-free, ideal for you or your family. Rather than wasting money on sub-par fast food delivery, enjoy the tastiest, freshest dinner with minimal cooking straight from your freezer.

We Offer An Extensive Menu Of Fresh Meals

With Délidoor meals, you can enjoy a rosemary and garlic marinated lamb rump with your family one night and a delicious beef lasagna the next. With food from cuisines worldwide, we have a menu you will be excited to serve your family. Whether you’re craving Indian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Classic American, Asian, or indigenous Australian meals, Délidoor can take you on a gourmet tour from your home, all without lifting a finger. Our wide variety and constantly updated menu with endless cuisines will keep the whole family happy.

Tasty meals for any diet

Our menu includes a wide range of food from worldwide cuisines, suitable for everyone in your family regardless of diet. With wholesome, nutritious meals on our weekly menu, Délidoor ensures you won’t miss a night of healthy, fresh food on the dinner table.

Délidoor: the preferred meal delivery service in Wollongong

With affordable gourmet meals that the whole family will love, Délidoor has something for everyone. For a balanced diet, a night off from cooking, or a special occasion to impress a certain someone, we make ready-made gourmet meals.

Australian-owned and loved

With fresh, locally-sourced ingredients from top Australian providers, handcrafted gourmet meals made with care, and a range of delivery options to fit the busy schedules of Wollongong families and dedicated moms, Délidoor stands out as the premier meal delivery service in the region. Experience the convenience of a regularly updated menu packed with diverse options, unbeatable bundle deals, and meals made to fuel a hectic lifestyle. Let Délidoor be your solution for effortless, nutritious eating, so you can focus on the important things in life.

Vegan, Gluten-Free, and Vegetarian diets available

From mouth-watering vegan lentil dahl to delicious, gluten-free chicken cacciatore, there won’t be any frowns at the dinner table when you choose Délidoor. With fresh ingredients packed with nutrition, our special offers fit any family’s diet and will save you time, money, and stress.

Why Choose Délidoor as Your Wollongong Meal Delivery Service?

For the loving mom who loves to cook but sometimes needs a break, Délidoor offers affordable, gourmet, ready-made meal options. Take a break from the tedious grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning and heat up a Délidoor meal that your entire family will savor. With our extensive menu of dinners for every dietary preference, mouth-watering comfort food, and nutritious on-the-go options for busy Wollongong residents, healthy eating has never been easier. Browse and order from our diverse menu of gourmet meals, which will be delivered straight to your Wollongong address, packed, frozen, and ready to be cooked at a moment's notice.

Here’s How to Have Your Meals Delivered

Select your meals

Select from our weekly menu of professional, chef-prepared gourmet meals, with new options from a diverse range of cuisines and catering to any diet.

Convenient delivery

With Délidoor, your meals will be delivered to your Newcastle-Maitland doorstep and packed to stay cool while you’re at work.

Enjoy gourmet meals

A great way to enjoy gourmet food and cooking without having to fuss with preparation is with Délidoor meals, the majority of which can be simply heated and eaten, and the rest only require basic preparation.

Re-order in a few clicks

You can reorder your favorite meals with a single click if you don't have time to scroll through Délidoor's new selections. If you want to try something new, you can easily choose from our weekly menu–no lock-in contract is required.


We deliver three times each week, on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday between 7 am and 6 pm, with an option for morning delivery on Tuesdays (midnight to 7 am). To receive your package on any given day, complete your order by 8 pm two days prior; Sunday for a Tuesday delivery, Monday for a Wednesday delivery, or Wednesday for a Friday delivery. We send you a text message on the day before delivery so you can track the order.

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