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Meal Delivery in the Sunshine Coast

Hearty meals from our kitchen to your table.

Our Meals

Meal Delivery in the Sunshine Coast

Hearty meals from our kitchen to your table.

Nutritious & no nasties

Our meals are made from scratch without nasties and preservatives, using premium ingredients.

Planet-friendly feeds

Frozen meals last longer, helping reduce food waste. Our packaging is eco-friendly, recyclable and reusable.

Rated 4.8 out of 5

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Place your order in only a few clicks and get it delivered in as fast as two days. No lock-in contracts.

Australia’s largest menu

Choose from 150+ great tasting meals for families and kids, requiring minimal to no preparation.

Gourmet Meal Delivery for Sunshine Coast Residents


No matter what life throws at Sunshine Coasters, they won’t take anything but the best for their meals. From their passionate community of artists and foodies to their love for all things creative, residents of the Sunshine Coast choose gourmet food every time.

To stay at the top of your game to save time for antique shopping, spa treatments, or creating a stunning work of art, you need to eat healthy meals full of nutrients and satisfying enough for the whole family. When you don’t have enough time to cook for yourself or your family, you want a meal delivery service that lives up to your high expectations for delicious food so you can eat gourmet, home-cooked meals every day of the week.

Between meal planning, crowded supermarkets, time-intensive meal prep, or frantically cleaning your kitchen, sometimes it’s necessary to take time off from feeding your family by cooking a pre-prepared meal. If you’re going to buy ready-made meals, try Délidoor, the service that offers professional chef-prepared gourmet food delivered right to your door.

The Best Meal Delivery Service in the Sunshine Coast 

Ready-Made Meals

Délidoor is the premier meal delivery Sunshine Coast service, with ready-made meals carefully designed and prepared by professional gourmet chefs to guarantee that you enjoy high-quality food on your night off. With fresh ingredients from Australian producers, Délidoor meals are healthy, guilt-free, and perfect for the family. Don’t waste money on sub-par fast food delivery; enjoy a fresh, delicious dinner with minimal cooking straight from your freezer.

Fresh Meals From Our Expansive Menu

With Délidoor meals, you can enjoy a traditional Thai soup with your family one night and a delicious Balinese marinated chicken the next. With food from cuisines worldwide, we have a menu you will be excited to serve your family. Whether you’re craving Indian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Classic American, Asian, or indigenous Australian meals, Délidoor can take you on a gourmet tour from your home, all without lifting a finger. Our expansive, constantly updating menu with various cuisines will keep the whole family happy.Our exciting menu will inspire your own home cooking with fresh ideas and new takes on old classics.

Tasty meals for any diet

Whether you’re craving Indian, Asian, Classic American, Mediterranean, or traditional Indigenous Australian meals, Délidoor has what you need to acquire a global palate from your home. Whatever your family has a flavour for, you can guarantee it’ll be found on Délidoor’s expansive and constantly updated menu.

Simplicity & humility

We believe in simple, humble, "home made" cooking. The kind of meals you are happy to share with your family and friends.

High quality & clean

We use only the best ingredients and combine them in a way that preserves their flavour.

Sauce & dressings

Our made from scratch sauces and dressing maximise the flavours of our meals.

Our seasoning brings

Seasoning and use of herbs, spices and chillies is what makes the difference between a good dish and an exceptional dish.

Sunshine Coast's Premier Meal Delivery: Gourmet Ease with Délidoor

Discover the ease of gourmet dining at home with Délidoor, the Sunshine Coast's premier meal delivery service. Perfectly suited for the vibrant pace of life here, Délidoor delivers not just meals, but a lifestyle solution, allowing you to:

Save time

With Délidoor, you can save time when life gets hectic and you don’t have the opportunity to shop, prep, cook, and clean. A Délidoor meal in the freezer can put quality food on your family table. Délidoor is as simple as pre-ordering meals from our online store and delivering them right to your door. Délidoor has no lock-in contract, no fast food, and no fuss. Keep your favourite Délidoor meals in the freezer to have food ready to heat and eat when you need it the most.

Eat clean

With Délidoor, you don’t have to worry about running your hard work by eating unhealthy fast food, especially when gourmet meals taste much better. With all of the best fresh ingredients from Australian producers, Délidoor meals are snap-frozen to guarantee that your family gets all the nutrients they need to make the most of their busy schedule. Délidoor customers don’t need to worry about any nasty preservatives or questionable chemicals–this meal delivery Sunshine Coast service offers only wholesome, fresh meals to make you feel great.

Stress less

Life can get hectic for the energetic community of the Sunshine Coast. Instead of worrying about cooking dinner when you’re working late or too exhausted to make a meal plan, take advantage of a convenient, delicious option waiting at home. Délidoor’s simple click-to-order website allows you to spend less time stressing over cooking and more time for the art, community, and family you care about most.

Save money

Délidoor sources all of our ingredients from Australian producers and cooks meals in bulk to guarantee flavour-filled, nutritious gourmet meals at a fraction of the cost of a restaurant or local supermarket. Délidoor offers the best prices on single meals, and our discovery boxes come at a bargain price with plenty of tasty cuisines to try.

What's on the menu today?

When choosing the meal delivery service for you, Délidoor comes out on top every time. With exquisite, gourmet, chef-prepared delicious meals, a rotating menu for fantastic new experiences from various cuisines, and the freshest ingredients sourced from local providers, Délidoor is the best meal delivery service in the Sunshine Coast.

Délidoor: the meal delivery service for Sunshine Coasters

With affordable gourmet meals that the whole family will love, Délidoor has something for everyone. For a balanced diet, a night off from cooking, or a special occasion to impress a certain someone, we make ready-made gourmet meals for Sunshine Coasters.

Australian-owned and loved

With locally sourced ingredients from Australian producers, Australian-made and designed meals, and convenient delivery options, Délidoor is perfect for hard-working Australians. Délidoor is the premiere meal delivery Sunshine Coast service for you and your family. We provide a regularly updated weekly menu, fantastic bundle deals, and many meal options for time-poor Australians to enjoy before returning to the important stuff.

Vegan, Gluten-Free, and Vegetarian

From a mouth-watering ratatouille to a delicious, gluten-free beef cottage pie, there won’t be any frowns at the dinner table when you choose Délidoor. With fresh ingredients packed with nutrition, our special offers fit any family’s diet and will save you time, money, and stress.

We’ve Got You Covered

Suppose you love cooking but don’t have the time to cook delicious meals every day of the week. In that case, Délidoor provides affordable, gourmet, ready-made options. Take a day off from the tiring shopping, cooking, and cleaning up after dinner. Choose Délidoor for planned, prepared, and professionally-cooked meals that the whole family will love. With our expansive menu of dinners for any diet, delicious comfort food, and tasty light meals for on-the-go Sunshine Coasters, healthy eating is easy any day of the week. Select and order any gourmet meal from our extensive menu. Your meals will be delivered to your Sunshine Coast address, packed, frozen, and ready to cook at a moment’s notice.

How to Get Your Meals Delivered in the Sunshine Coast Area

Select your meals

Select from our weekly menu of professional, chef-prepared gourmet meals, with new options from a diverse range of cuisines and catering to any diet.

Convenient delivery

With Délidoor, your meals will be delivered to your Sunshine Coast doorstep and packed to stay cool while you’re at work.

Enjoy gourmet meals

Most Délidoor meals are heat-and-eat or require basic preparation –perfect for the times you want to enjoy gourmet food and cooking without any hassle.

Re-order in a few clicks

Re-order your favourite meals with a simple click. Or try something different by easily choosing from our extensive menu. No lock-in contract or subscription.


We deliver three times each week, on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday between 7 am and 6 pm, with an option for morning delivery on Tuesdays (midnight to 7 am). To receive your package on any given day, complete your order by 8 pm two days prior; Sunday for a Tuesday delivery, Monday for a Wednesday delivery, or Wednesday for a Friday delivery. We send you a text message on the day before delivery so you can track the order.


We deliver everywhere within the Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Tweed Heads metro area.


Our meals last for up to 6 months in the freezer, but we attach an expiry label to every container. Be sure to check the label before you eat!


We have a partnership with REDcycle, meaning that all the plastic food packaging can be recycled by disposing of them in REDcycle Program drop-off bins at participating supermarkets. Visitredcycle.net.au to find your nearest drop-off point. More information on recycling with REDcycle is on ourlatest blog post here.


We only charge a delivery fee for orders under $120. For orders over $120, there are no additional fees; the only time you will pay is at check-out.


Délidoor understands that flexibility and confidence are essential to our customers, so we don't charge monthly fees or additional payments. You only pay for the meals you order and only when you ask for them. From the first order to the last, you have complete control over your deliveries.


When it comes to home delivery, Délidoor ready-made meals are much cheaper than any fast-food service or any other gourmet meal delivery.


Gourmet ready meals are cooked to a quality that you would expect from delicious home cooking or professional restaurant quality dinners. Canberrans love cooking and eating delicious, fresh food, just as they love the sit-down restaurant experience. Other meal delivery services don't provide the same quality that you expect from gourmet home delivery services like Délidoor, so taking a night off from cooking just doesn't feel the same.

With Délidoor, you can enjoy wholesome, healthy meals with fresh fruit, veg, and meat, on those days that you feel time-poor, right from the comfort of your own house.


The simple answer is yes because we care about taste and convenience. By freezing our ready-made meals, we lock in the healthy goodness of the fresh ingredients we use, and for your peace of mind, there are no nasty preservatives.


We're dedicated to only using fresh, healthy, locally sourced ingredients from local producers. We take advantage of seasonal produce to bring the best meals to your doorstep all year round.

From our Australian-owned kitchen in Botany to your door, enjoy fresh, affordable meals that the whole family will love.

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