What do you put on a Christmas Day buffet?

November 22, 2022
What do you put on a Christmas Day buffet
Jacques Lepron

Jacques Lepron

Delidoor Co-Founder

Delicious Dishes to Serve at Your Christmas Day Buffet | 2022

With Christmas around the corner, now is the time to plan your menu with Christmas Day meal ideas your family and friends have been craving all year.

What do you put on a Christmas Day buffet

There’s no comparison to the decadence and delight of a holiday meal shared around the table with loved ones. It’s a special time for enjoying lively conversations over a bottle of wine and delicious food.


Save yourself stress by putting together your menu for your 2022 Christmas Day buffet now. A little early planning can help you make your holiday season merry. With your menu in place, you’ll be able to enjoy this Christmas in all its magic and wonder.  


A magnificent Christmas lunch or dinner calls for a festive buffet of everyone’s favourite foods and traditional fixings. As you organise your menu, choose a holiday buffet that’s enjoyable to prepare and a meal your guests will talk about well into the new year.


Let's take a look at what food you should include on your Christmas Day buffet. From enticing entrees to delectable main courses with mouth-watering sides to decadent dessert choices, these Christmas day meal ideas will delight your guests.

Christmas Buffet Entrée Ideas

  • Salmon Gravadlax
  • Cheese Tarts
  • Pork Belly

Salmon Gravadlax

Traditional Nordic cuisine inspired this savoury pre-dinner appetiser. Salmon Gravadlax pairs wonderfully with crackers and a bottle of bubbly. Choose Gavalda Salmon that is cured with delicious flavours like a vodka and lemon marinade.

salmon gravlax delidoor

Cheese Tarts

Tarts are an appealing addition to your Christmas buffet. For a festive flavour, try handmade goat cheese and roasted tomato tarts as the perfect accompaniment to an aperitif shared with family and friends.

Pork Belly

Try offering a signature entrée like confit pork belly to elevate your buffer selection. Present your confit pork belly with orange and chilli jam.

Christmas Buffet Main Course Ideas

  • Stuffed Turkey Breast
  • Glazed Ham
  • Sliced Ham
  • Pork Tenderloin
  • Duck Confit
  • Duck Breast
  • Marinated Salmon
  • Whole Roast Stuffed Butternut Pumpkin
  • Vegetable Tian


Stuffed Turkey Breast

A traditional Christmas buffet isn’t complete without a stuffed turkey breast. For a seasonal delight, serve your stuffed turkey breast with cranberries and chestnuts.

Glazed Ham

Add a beautifully glazed ham to your Christmas buffet for a guest favourite.

glazed ham delidoor

Sliced Ham

Sliced ham makes it easy for guests to serve themselves along with sides of vegetables and potatoes. Plus, sliced ham is a great leftover to have on hand for making sandwiches the next day.

Pork Tenderloin

Your guests will love the addition of pork tenderloin to your Christmas menu. Elevate this meal by serving your pork tenderloin with porcini sauce.

Duck Confit

Bring the opulence of a restaurant meal to your holiday table with duck confit. Prepared in the traditional way, long and slow with aromatic herbs, duck confit with mushroom sauce is a Christmas treat.

Duck Breast

Sliced duck breast can be a delicious addition to your Christmas buffet. For an amazing accompaniment that will wow your friends and family, serve duck magret with creamy pink pepper sauce.

Marinated Salmon

Make the fish lovers at your holiday table happy with a delicious marinated salmon. Lemon and capers marinated salmon provides the perfect alternative to meat dishes.

Whole Roast Stuffed Butternut Pumpkin

If your guest list includes vegan and vegetarian eaters, serve them a whole roast stuffed butternut pumpkin. It’s sure to please all your guests as a main dish or a side.

Vegetable Tian

Here’s a dish that’ll get your guests talking. A tian is both a traditional baking dish used in Provence and a meal made in this type of dish. For a holiday-inspired tian, prepare a vegetable tian with honey and goat cheese.

Christmas Buffet Side Ideas

  • Roasted Vegetables
  • Steamed Vegetables
  • Roasted Potatoes

Roasted or Steamed Vegetables

You can’t go wrong with a side of roasted or steamed vegetables. For a sweet alternative, serve honey roasted vegetables. If your guests prefer savoury options, try roasted mediterranean vegetables. Or keep it simple with a side of steamed vegetables.

Roasted Potatoes

Roasted potatoes make the perfect side to any main course, from meat selections to fish. Kick the flavours up a notch with roasted garlic and rosemary kipfler potatoes.

Christmas buffet dessert ideas

  • Christmas Pudding
  • Mince Pies
  • Chocolate Mousse

Christmas Pudding

Delight your friends and family with an authentic Christmas pudding. Elevate this traditional favourite by serving your Christmas pudding with brandy sauce.

Mince Pies

For a touch of nostalgia, add mince pies with flavoursome filling to your Christmas dessert buffet. Make it easy for your guests by preparing your homemade mince pies as mini tarts.

mince pies delidoor

Chocolate Mousse

Help the chocolate lovers in your festive group celebrate the Yuletide with a decadent chocolate mousse. If you want to really impress them, prepare a Belgium chocolate and raspberry mousse.

Relax and have your festive Christmas buffet menu delivered instead

Let’s face it, putting together a full Christmas Day menu is a large and often overwhelming task. Suddenly the holiday season goes from a time of celebration to an exhausting chore. Without realising it, you’re rushing around and missing out on making memories with your family and friends.


It doesn’t have to be that way. You don’t have to do it all in order to enjoy a delicious Christmas meal. There’s another option that’ll save you stress and free up time for connecting with your guests. This year, why not relax and get your Christmas buffet delivered to your door instead?


Delivery has so many advantages you may not have considered, such as:


  • More time to connect around your holiday table with family and friends
  • Easy to organise a complete and festive Christmas menu
  • Delicious, homestyle Christmas food
  • Christmas meals made with high quality, real ingredients
  • Simple and easy to place a Christmas meal delivery

More time to connect around your holiday table

When you receive your delivery, you’re well on your way to enjoying a relaxing Christmas lunch or dinner with your loved ones without the chore of cleaning up a messy kitchen from all the meal prep. Now you can slow down and connect with your guests.


Christmas should be about sharing good company and great food with your loved ones. By choosing to have your Christmas meal delivered, you’re gaining back time with friends and family that you may have missed. Instead, you can sit back and enjoy the smiles on everyone’s faces around your holiday table.  

Easy to organise a complete and festive Christmas menu

With delivery, you can put together your Christmas menu that covers all your holiday favourites from the main course through dessert. Whether you organise a Christmas dinner or a Christmas lunch, you can scroll through menu items to find the perfect combination of holiday choices to set out on your Christmas buffet.


Plus, delivery means you can skip fighting the crowds at the market only to discover some items are out of stock. And, you can take the burden off bothering your guests to bring part of the meal. Once you place your order, you can rest easy knowing your Christmas buffet will be complete and delicious.

Delicious, homestyle Christmas food

Many of us lack the culinary skills and expertise to pull off a full Christmas buffet. If the task of cooking like a pro, or even up to the standards of your dear grandma, sounds beyond your capabilities, consider the delicious, homemade food delivery can provide.


You’re busy all year long, and the holiday season is no different. You may not have time to shop for top-quality ingredients. Using a delivery service like Délidoor for your Christmas food ensures you’re offering your guests real home-style cooking made from scratch. Plus, you can still take the credit for making a smart choice.

Christmas meals made with high quality, real ingredients

You may worry that choosing to go with delivery for your Christmas buffet means sacrificing healthy ingredients for added sugar, preservatives, and other nasties. However, that’s not the case if you’re selective about which delivery service you use.


Delivery services like Délidoor offer delicious and clean Christmas meals made with high quality real ingredients to your holiday table. Only the best produce and real ingredients are used to create delicious meals.

Simple and easy to place a Christmas meal delivery

With delivery, you can plan and receive your Christmas meal from the comfort of your home. It’s simple, easy, and far less time-consuming than putting together and preparing a holiday menu on your own.


Browse the Christmas meal delivery menu and choose from a delicious selection of holiday-inspired meals. While you work on other Christmas-related tasks like decorating and wrapping gifts, your meal prepared with the finest, freshest ingredients will arrive frozen on your doorstep. When you’re ready for your Christmas lunch or dinner, simply thaw, heat, serve, and enjoy!

Choose Délidoor for your festive Christmas Buffet

Plan and organise your Christmas buffet today. Browse our Christmas dinner delivery 2022 menu of high quality, delicious, homemade food and place your order. Then, enjoy spending Christmas connecting with your family and friends over a delicious, homestyle meal made with the freshest ingredients.