Our Gluten Free meals have been designed for those who are intolerant to Gluten. With no added Gluten, we cook delicious and tasty meals made from scratch using real and fresh ingredients.


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Our 2023 Christmas Menu is live with some of our hero dishes below. Available for delivery from the 13th of November. Discover our entire Christmas Menu here.

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Discover our specials for Easter. Cooked from scratch by the team, they are only available until Easter.

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Your go to section but with just enough elevation to make your mid-week dinner a feast.

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Explosion of flavours, colours, let the spices and chillies do the work in our “flavours of the world” section

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Perfect option for a standout dinner on a weekend. These are the recipes Délidoor's Chef Sébastien has been perfecting over the years.

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Complement your main with delicious sides cooked by us.


Our soups are made from scratch using fresh ingredients and mixed together by our chef without any preservatives, additives or nasties. Like you would do at home.



Gluten-Free Meals: An Assortment of Healthy and Delicious Dishes

At Delidoor, we believe in offering the best in culinary experiences while catering to diverse dietary needs. Our Gluten-Free Meals collection is an excellent example of our dedication to providing a variety of enjoyable and nutritious dishes for those with specific dietary requirements. As your reliable gluten-free meal delivery service, we make it easy for you to enjoy a range of delightful and flavour-packed dishes right at your home.

Our Thai Green Chicken Curry is a must-try for those who appreciate the unique flavours of Thai cuisine. This dish combines succulent chicken pieces with a variety of vegetables, all simmered in a fragrant green curry sauce.

For lovers of Indian cuisine, our Indian Butter Chicken is a delight. It offers the perfect balance of aromatic spices, creamy tomato sauce, and tender chicken pieces, ensuring a memorable culinary experience.

Another popular option in our gluten-free meal service is the Chicken Leek and Dijon Casserole. This hearty dish features chicken pieces cooked in a leek and Dijon mustard sauce, providing a comforting meal that you'll surely love.

The Lamb Shepherd's Pie and Beef Cottage Pie are wholesome, satisfying dishes that are perfect for any time of the day. Both pies come with a layer of creamy mashed potatoes that adds a delightful contrast to the hearty filling beneath.

For festive season celebrations, we offer the Gluten-Free Stuffed Turkey Breast. This centrepiece dish is filled with a delicious gluten-free stuffing, ensuring that everyone at your table can partake in the festive feast.

Meanwhile, our Duck Magret with Pink Pepper Sauce and Pork Belly are gourmet meals that will take your gluten-free dining experience to a whole new level. Enjoy these luxurious dishes with their respective flavourful sauces for a truly indulgent meal.

If you crave for something light and fresh, the Lemon and Capers Marinated Tasmanian Salmon is an excellent choice. This marinated salmon is bursting with tangy and zesty flavours that are sure to excite your palate.

Don't miss our gluten-free offerings from the Thai cuisine, such as the Thai Chicken, Pad See Ew, and Thai Jungle Curry. Each dish boasts an authentic taste of Thailand's rich culinary tradition, made with fresh ingredients and aromatic herbs and spices.

Looking for a comforting, home-style dish? Try our Hachis Parmentier. This French-style shepherd's pie features a hearty layer of ground meat topped with creamy mashed potatoes. It's a familiar, satisfying meal that can easily become a family favourite.

Dessert is a crucial part of any meal, and we certainly haven't forgotten about it in our gluten-free collection. Our Banana Sticky Rice is a classic Thai dessert made with glutinous rice, ripe bananas, and sweet coconut cream. It's a lovely end to any meal, and yes, it's entirely gluten-free!

Our Gluten-Free Meals collection at Delidoor aims to ensure that everyone can enjoy a variety of delicious, carefully prepared meals, regardless of dietary restrictions. Our gluten-free meal delivery service brings these appetizing dishes right to your doorstep, making it easier than ever to enjoy gluten-free dining. Choose Delidoor for a gluten-free meal service that doesn't compromise on taste or variety. Explore our collection today and discover the joy of gluten-free dining!

Frequently asked questions

How are the vegan meals delivered, and how long do they last?

Our meals are delivered frozen to ensure their freshness and nutritional value. When stored in the freezer, they can last for several months. Defrosting and reheating instructions are provided with each meal.

Are the ingredients in the vegan dishes locally sourced and fresh?

Absolutely! Delidoor sources fresh vegetables from local farms and distributors around Sydney daily. We pride ourselves on using real, high-quality ingredients in all our dishes, ensuring a delicious and clean dining experience.

How does Delidoor minimise its environmental impact?

Delidoor is committed to leading by example and supporting our customers on their journey toward zero carbon emissions. We source from sustainable suppliers, reduce plastic packaging made from fossil fuels, and freeze our food to minimise waste. You can read more about it here in our story.

Are the vegan meals free from animal-derived ingredients?

Yes, our vegan meals are carefully crafted to exclude any animal-derived ingredients, ensuring they're suitable for vegans and those following a plant-based lifestyle.

Do you offer any gluten-free vegan options?

Yes, we do offer gluten-free vegan options. We understand the importance of catering to different dietary needs, so we make sure to include a variety of choices in our collection. Browse through our vegan meals to find the ones marked as Gluten-Free marked by an icon.

How do you ensure the freshness and quality of vegan meals?

We snap freeze our meals to preserve their nutritional value and freshness. By doing so, we can deliver delicious and clean meals without adding artificial preservatives, sugar, or other nasties.

What is the delivery process for Delidoor's vegan meals?

We deliver straight to your doorstep, making it convenient and hassle-free for you to enjoy our mouth-watering vegan meals. Check our delivery information page for more details on delivery areas and schedules.

Can I order vegan meals for a group or event?

Of course! Our vegan meals are perfect for gatherings, events, or even meal prep for the week. Simply browse our vegan collection and order the desired quantity of each dish.

How do I prepare Delidoor's vegan meals at home?

Our vegan meals come with clear cooking instructions, making it easy for you to prepare them at home. Simply follow the steps provided, and you'll have a delicious meal ready in no time.

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